Monday, November 22, 2010

christine country

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Kim Kielhofner's artistic productions span the visual gamut.

Her drawings have been published widely and she is well-known as a performance artist and experimental filmmaker. .

Kielhofner is also a musician/composer of experimental and aleatoric music.

Kielhofner authored one of my all-time favorites, a livre d'artiste in which guinea pigs, other small animals and humans pondered their cages on the same pages.

While I wouldn't call the strange humor in this photo typical of Kielhofner's sensibility, which is usually bleak yet lyrical at the same time, I love its unsettling irreality.

Why does the main subject remind me of Crispin Glover here, that giddy otherworldliness of his?

Also, I wanted to share one of her self-portraits.

I'm not quite sure I ever saw an electric lime green shadow before this photo.


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