Friday, November 19, 2010


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Robert Gross often uses gay icons or iconic gay images, characters or poses as armatures for his photographs and mixed media works.

The artist is very aware of nuances that go into gay image-making.

Note the way the figure's left arm (on our right) is placed in classic gay "holster reach" position.

Several icons combine in a sizzling dissonance in this work titled Icon.

The crucifix. Possibly one of the Egyptian cat divinities (Basht comes to mind). And then there's the gay poser from the mags or films.

The beautiful despoliation of the surface makes the object that much more ornate, ironically.

I like the way the work seems to mix the sensibilities of art brut with the iconographic black of an artist like Tapies.

It's sensuous, erotic, androgynous and disquietingly spiritual at once.

Much of the delight of the image is in what it won't reveal about itself.

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