Sunday, November 21, 2010

Le cordon ombilical

I wanted to include an example of Fromont's Poladroids.

This one was just posted.

I love the way the umbilical cord pulls a trompe l'oeil.

We must ask ourselves, "to whom does this connect?"

Is it the Divinity that was so often the crux (literally) and center of Renaissance art?

Or is it the tradition which connects Fromont's Poladroid of this evening to the art of centuries past?

The Belgian Fromont has this interesting credo on his profile:

Le hasard crée l’original
L’original crée la copie
La copie crée l’original

Chance creates the original.
The original creates the copy.
The copy creates the original.

This strange anti-syllogism leaves one to wonder if logical deduction is safe, in a universe where even chance may be only a copy.

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