Friday, November 19, 2010

Our new chaise longue!!!!!

A self-professed "40 year old child," the artist lives in Schwelm, Germany, and creates fascinating domestic scenes of (usually idealized) gay life.

Her dolls can really achieve trompe l'oeil close ups; I'm certain viewers have surely mistaken some of these dolls for "real people."

The artist seems to delight in the soap operatic dramas that take place in her dolls' world--betrayal, flirtations and indiscretions seem to be as rampant there as here.

Are her pictures satire on the commodification of desire?

Are they making the point that we get so drawn up into the lives and dramas of celebrities (whom we will never know) that we might as well be playing with dolls when we follow their lives?

Or are these photographs idealized portraits of the lives of our time, touched up in the same way Holbein or a portraitist of his time might "elevate" a subject? Is it just a way of looking closely at ourselves before we and our loves and trinkets disappear, are shuffled off the stage to make room for the next frivolously beautiful constellations of fashion.

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