Sunday, November 21, 2010


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Nausika Bongard-Bonjour resides in Geneva.

But she seems to move about Europe like a lightning bolt.

This is appropriate, since many of her photos appear to be throwing lightning into the eyes of the viewer.

The photographer is just as likely to hurl curses or cast spells as she is to completely seduce with a sudden turn towards sweentess. She is a self-professed witch, sorceress, and it is fascinating to read the extensive comment chains under her photos on Flickr. Because one realizes how many men (and women!) she has completely ensorceled with her intense, autobiographical work.

While her sexuality and sensuality are things which Bongard-Bonjour is completely comfortable sharing with us, she doesn't exploit them. Her technical skill and strong graphic imagination are what strike the viewer first. Any smittenness is incidental.

I particularly love this photo.

It speaks to this artist's desire to drink life to the lees.

Let's drink Coco this winter to keep warm.

Chanel drove the poet Reverdy mad. Or rather his own desire for her drove him mad, and drove him into a stringent Catholicism.

I suspect Nausika (her nom de Flickr) has driven her fair share of admirers to distraction...or further.

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