Monday, December 6, 2010

59/365 night-watch for blue birds

Here is another example of Ponyrock's fabular tendencies.

She writes:

"with my old prints and handmade birds.
typhoon forced us to stay home on Sat.
oh, I went to dentist in the morning BTW and
was nice.
it looked rather beauty salon and lovely."
not scary at all ;)"

It's often interesting to read notes like this to know a photographer's emotional state around the time of the photograph.

There is a recurrent "fear of dentistry" theme that flits in and out of her photographic notes.

I find this psychologically interesting.

For example, after dentistry the photographer refuses to take photos of herself and focuses on nature instead.

A strange sort of poetry of the focus emerges.

One could imagine a novel in which a photographer's mental state is examined side by side with her or his photographs, over a great period of time.

The idea of the photographer as emotional tabula rasa is silly.

Photojournalists are supposed to be that way, some assert, but even that idea is probably flawed and quixotic.

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