Monday, December 6, 2010

81/365 broken

81/365 broken
Originally uploaded by +++ponyrock+++
Ponyrock is the nom de Flickr of a young photographer who resides in Tokyo.

Her obsessions are perhaps the usual obsessions of youth: great rock bands, toys, love, pets (especially cats), friends and art.

And she photographs all of these things.

But her photographs are not the "usual photographs" of youth.

They exhibit a technical mastery and a remarkably diverse (and entrancing) range of palettes.

The photographer tends to favor pastels and seems to have a nostalgia for some of the cinematic styles of the sixties.

She admits a love of the serendipitious lens flare and often allows this to become part of her composition. This often strikes me as rather an anime effect, a way of adding a blissful disorientation to a scene.

Many of her photos make use of bokeh effects to achieve their ends.

Thematically, she often creates fairy tale scenarios.

These are usually my favorite photos by this artist.

She often includes toys she has crafted herself in her photos, and these works often hint at a private mythology, and stories of which see only glimpses.

She has posted over 9,000 photos on Flickr, so there is a quite large gallery to enjoy!

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