Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The animal instinct

The animal instinct
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Naama Sarid-Maleta's biography reads:

"I studied architecture in Israel, and then worked there in studios for almost 3 years. During that time I participated in competitions and won a few, and also participated in exhibitions.
I came to Spain to live in a different place, to meet new people, to dance flamenco and to fall in love..
I lived and worked in Granada as an architect, I traveled a few months in the north of Spain, and then I came to Madrid.
When my digital camera broke I decide to go backwards in time and started using a film camera. Since then I have participated in a few exhibitions in Spain and in Ukraine, and now my partner and I are colaborating and planning new projects in photography."

Photocollage offers so many possibilities.

Often, this has to do with the temporal; the photographer has an opportunity to offer diverse moments in a single space.

I am particularly impressed with the way the artist has that single hand floating out at right (seeking stability in the midst of passion?)

Just as that elbow at left seems more awry and dangerous than anything.

The funny awkward balance of Eros in this picture is not what we expect of the sexual snapshot.

But it's so often the funny moments of imbalance that endear the lover to us most.

And that is what I find most charming about this photo-collage.

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