Friday, December 10, 2010

Cat isn't lost afterall. Owner cries.

Cat isn't lost afterall.  Owner cries.

Keo's Flickr bio is worth reproducing in its entirety:

TYPE O-riginal hybrID:

* * * [ this is NOT a typo, this is NOT A TEST, do NOT turn off your broadcast reception system ] * * *

- Ocean bred > Hawaii roots, San Diego branches.
- English is my 2nd language. I do not have a 1st.
- Though monolingual (UN counting Pacific Islander Pidgin English), I do understand 'Somewhere In the Middle', 'Black & White', 'Gray', and of course, the much maligned and classically misunderstood 'Nonsensical', appreciating its DNA duality of simple / deep destruction of the allusive illusory. Translation: Skilled in Confusion Milked Past illUsion.
- Thanks to an attention spent deficiting the Unknown for decades, my vocabulary is limited to 300 words. Endlessly interchanged in intergalactic ways skooled and tooled illegal in an Alieny kinda way.
- I am NOT selfish because I have not made babies (yet) that I know of [note: unoriginal, obligatory 10 macho points just made]. I am selfish because I sell fish. That smells like B.S. (B.eyond S.imple). And I spend too much time on it. And I believe it. My own. And I own it. All thanks to 1 year. In kindergarten (mahalo Ms. Nishimura; even if you never married me). And thanks to Being 66 at Age 6. Disclaimer: DON'T try this at home. This is done by PROFESSionals in controlled settings.
- I am not NOT a professional.
- If ever I reach for a Ph.D, the cover page of my thesis will read: 'WHATEVER' by Keo 101.
- I once asked a woman if she had any children. She said, "No." To which I replied, "That you know of." She did NOT laugh.

DABBLING IN: Spoken Word poetry, abstract painting, corniness, photography, word creation, and dream manipulation. 2Infinity. Being my zip-code. Being. Zipped by this load.

Sip on this Bonus Bio Code:

Creatures great and small. Smiles churched upside down. Homeless on the town. Stereotypes gowned clown. Grown ups playing house on co-op'd playground. Grounded caffeinated spirituality Gone Wild. A lifetime pledge to NEVER utter the word beseech; cause I hate Shakespeare. Though I love pears. Though I hate spears; though I have fave'd at least 4 songs by one Britney Spears. Just when we were going Somewhere, politics neutered by The Decaf Party. Discussions drowned in skin toned striations versed red, Right and blues. EQUALS All things obsessing me via 24/7 hues. Smellin' of 7-Eleven booze; Colt 45 coated like (un) Reality T-V scripted in oxyMoron, slavin' like oxyCotton repurposed to cut off Peter's tale. Till you turn it off. Then you till it, then you kill it - - the machinated, media fertilized seeds dug Machine Jonesin' deep, The Dream we collectively keep. Layin' an ILLusion lyin' lion that makes me oh so WEep. Don't even get me started; less you have the minutes of 100 Monopoly games. Less you're ready to give up Boardwalk 100x without even tryin.' Less you're ready for fryin' of your mindin' by my free flowin' stream of consciousness rhymin.' I'm just sayin.'

And what I'm sayin' is: that I'm dangerous. to myself and Otherz. because Cuz, let me break it down and boldly yell: BORED I DO NOT GET. Including peering at a blanco wall. both a blessin' & Double D downfall ( believe me, you don't want it). Thoughts kite flyin' border f-r-e-e, limited only by this vessel called Me. Results of which I'll only truly see in divinity; a mysterY where I can finally just . . . Be. Hopefully.

Until that fate, eye create.

The photographer was inspired by Hemingway's famed tragic microfiction: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

So he did a series of photos with microfiction captions.

I liked a number of these, but was particularly taken with this negative image.

The moving reconciliation of owner and pet (friend) here takes on the feel of an illustration of a fairy tale--the way the cat is standing makes me think of all those cats undergoing metamorphosis in fairy tales.

The old woman's stooped posture is perfect pathos and perfect visual counterpoint to the cat's litheness and limberness.

Stylistically, this negative rather reminds me of 19th century illustrative methods, and also evokes etchings of that century (or earlier).

Not every photograph is better or more mysterious as a negative, but there are those exceptions where the black/white contrast amid grays can yield fantastic results.

Sometimes the subtraction of color can yield a wonderful chiaroscuro.

One senses the vegetal lushness is actually improved by throwing it over to those charcoal tones: it frames this reunion with a gorgeous vignette (literal meaning of the term).

Again, this emphasizes the idea that this story is taking place inside a book.

There is a certain Borgesian metaphysical quality evoked.

Even if the book is invisible, the illustration is not.


  1. William, Keo here of Keo 101 flickr. You ever have a (take your pick) bad day / week / month / year / life / previous life & then a single nice small thing happens & ur touched by another reminder of 'you know what, all this bad stuff happened but this one little nice thing just happened too so it can't be all bad'? Ever have that? That's just what happened when you posted my cat pic + bio here. Doesn't matter if no one ever reads it or one or two or whatever. For me, your doing that was a small thing that is actually a Big Thing that is actually a Big Reminder that is actually a Thing that gifted me tears. And for that I thank you.

  2. Hi Keo. Thanks for this lovely braid of language. Well, you found a thread of the real story with that photograph and I am grateful for that thread. As grateful for that one as the unconscious DNA one that has me here today typing this thought to you and dividing my gratitude between the fortuitous and the essential. I can never decide where to draw the line between them. But I think your picture is filled with the fortuitous and the essential. And I'm an ailurophile and lover of fairy tales too (I'm sure there's a longer word for that: fabulophile?) so your picture strikes both nails home at once on that front as well! Be Well! I look forward to seeing more of your work which is why I added you as a contact. Warmly, Bill