Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chris Bavaria


Here's information from the artist's site:

Chris Bavaria is a photojournalist based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

He received a BA in Art from Millersville University and an MFA in documentary photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

You can see his work on The Travel Channel, AOL, Brooklyn Vegan, Fight Magazine, Effort Fanzine, and Caveat Lector.

Chris's book is Time & Pressure and may be ordered online.

I encountered Chris's work in one of the Flickr groups based geographically in my home area.

I was impressed with the range of his graphic imagination, and his ability to adapt his aesthetics situationally to very diverse cultural and social milieux.

Whether he's traveling with a band (I believe Bavaria is a songwriter as well) in a van across America, or reinterpreting the icons of Paris or China during a photographic jaunt, he seems to orient himself towards the deliciously oneironautic image with an uncanny precision.

That is to say, I sense a dream narrative underlying his photojournalism, soi-disant--a sort of tightly-controlled surrealism.

What the surrealists called le merveilleux needn't always be an overkill of unreal elements or arrangements of reality.

Often, this miraculous feeling comes about through the slightest distortions at the edges of reality, slippage at the edges. And this leads to our unmooring, and sets us adrift, that giddy sensation where the photograph becomes much more than a photograph.

The photograph becomes us somehow.

Optic nerve. Funny Platonic cave.

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