Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Duellists

The Duellists
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Elisabetta Pisano resides in Bologna, Italia.

She has only 66 photos posted on Flickr, but almost every single photo has a raging storm of controversy--both admiration and confusion--around it.

This is because the artist is formalistically innovative in the most seductive way possible--the way of mystery.

This piece, "The Duellists," reminds me of Giacometti's sculpture "The Palace at 4 a.m."

In both works of art, temporal framing is foregrounded.

Here a physical confrontation is almost turned into a strange pas de deux, merely through the abstraction of select moments in this quadriptych.

Do yourself a favor and check out this artist's Photostream on Flickr.

It will feed your imagination with the possibilities of the medium, especially those rarely explored.

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