Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leftist Ideals

Leftist ideals

"Education and fine tea is important" reads the caption.

Brett Davies was born in Coogee, Sydney.

He currently resides in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Sky shadow

"Sky Shadow."

"Ceiling light hole above iron cart statue at a Galle Hotel in Sri Lanka."

I like the way the photographer does an end sneak around abstraction with this one.

Makes me think of O'Keefe's and Weston's love of finding abstraction in forms at hand.

And I think of Shiva in that wheel.

An archetypal mandala for sure.



"Veeramunai Festival at Temple. July 2009."

I'd be daft not to choose one or more photographs from the artist's travels throughout Asia.

If you visit his Photostream (by clicking on any of the above photos) you will experience a panoply.

There are numerous shots of Indian and Sri Lankan life that will stop your mouse dead.

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