Monday, December 6, 2010

north south east west ocean on a stormy cum

north south east west ocean on a stormy cum

Nherrisson has one of those mysterious Flickr profiles.

But there is a link to a website, where one discovers the artist's name is Nick Herrisson.

His* blog is a German language blog, so that possibly narrows down his country of residence to a few possibilites (or he could be an expatriate!)

He creates what he calls "pattern porn," kaleidoscopic collages of sexual (and other) body parts.

These end up looking simultaneously like elaborate musical numbers in the glory days (1930s and 1940s) of such films and scary Hans Bellmer sculptures.

The mind boggles.

These are often pretty things (some almost look confectionary) and yet a tad disturbing.

Are the manipulations meant to put us in mind of the endless series of manipulations which underlie all sexual desire?

Or do they merely want us to laugh at ourselves for being trapped in such a Hall of Mirrors in the first place?

Or are they saying that when we multiply our desires (avariciously) we end up with a monster?

I suppose the answer doesn't matter.

Answers rarely matter to physical objects.

Physical objects are all about existing.

They leave the thinking to us.

black circle lost underwear

*I'm not even sure of the sex of the artist. Nick can also be a woman's nickname, obviously, and the Flickr avatar is of a woman. The artist's blog doesn't make this any clearer.

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