Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween by steve.garner32
Halloween, a photo by steve.garner32 on Flickr.

I've been looking at about a thousand Halloween photos!

I figured this one was a good one to wish you a happy Samhain!

Last Thursday night. Around 2 a.m.

I've already outed myself as a fan of Dmitri Belyi.

One of my favorites.

God, what a great nightscape this is.

Lazy Calm

Lazy Calm by copazetic
Lazy Calm, a photo by copazetic on Flickr.

Mark Florence took a close up of one of Dale Chihuly's magisterial pieces in the San Antonio Museum.

He mentioned its reminding him of the music (and cover art) of the Cocteau Twins.

I agree.

I was looking for photos of Liz Fraser and my favorite band and found this.


Here's the song whose title he chose.

It's the opening song on the album Victorialand, which is one of my two favorite albums by the Cocteau Twins.

This and Moon and the Melodies are probably their most impressionistic albums.

Victorialand is an album about Antarctica (perfect that they chose a place on the planet where the human is largely absent!) and the turning of the seasons there and the life largely untouched by humanity. It's like a paean to the pre-human. Or the post-human? Songs with whale intelligence floating through them. Songs that unfold like the Aurora Australis. Songs that capture the changing colors on snow, on clouds.

This album really takes you over to altogether different brain waves.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

i search for you in every passing car

I love poem titles.


fiskur by Emilia rún
fiskur, a photo by Emilia rún on Flickr.

Be nice now.


Ricoco by Emilia rún
Ricoco, a photo by Emilia rún on Flickr.

How's this for revisiting an old favorite archetype?

This summer in Iceland

This summer in Iceland by Emilia rún
This summer in Iceland, a photo by Emilia rún on Flickr.

Icelandic Photographer/Artist Emilia Run strikes again.

I miss Iceland.


ceram-2011-5 by Futurilla
ceram-2011-5, a photo by Futurilla on Flickr.

I am titillated.

These photographs blow helium into my head or something.

I'm floating along with that thing.


ceram-2011-14 by Futurilla
ceram-2011-14, a photo by Futurilla on Flickr.

Giacometti would be proud.

Drawing on Spode 5

Drawing on Spode 5 by Futurilla
Drawing on Spode 5, a photo by Futurilla on Flickr.

I like photographs with debatable senses of space.

Is your interiority my interiority?


Watcher by Photosightfaces
Watcher, a photo by Photosightfaces on Flickr.

I love this view.

You never see Buddha or a bodhisattva from this angle.

We're behind compassion's back.

What is that tree? Cryptomeria?

Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates  by Kelly Ichinose
Box of Chocolates , a photo by Kelly Ichinose on Flickr.

This is so Peto.

So Haberle.

Okay, it's not a trompe l'oeil painting.

But it's still that sense of monumental scale in the ephemeral.

Which is always a giddy thrill.


. by thart2009
., a photo by thart2009 on Flickr.

Thart2009 totally took me by surprise with this one.

It reminds me of much 19th century photography.

Staged to perfection.

Remember the one with in the sickchamber of the dying girl.

Who was that? I should remember.

That one.


Belive..... by solarixx
Belive....., a photo by solarixx on Flickr.

By the briliant Solarix.

This is hilarious. And moving at the same time.

Pathos and bathos both.

We all need 10,000 props to survive the world.


Black by Daniel Constante
Black, a photo by Daniel Constante on Flickr.

The author of the photograph has written below it:

"We only said good-bye with words
I died a hundred times"

Japón, quedó sin color.

I like tondos (tondi?)

And I like the interdimensionality allowed here by the nested tondo.


boil by ///Brian Henry
boil, a photo by ///Brian Henry on Flickr.

I've been a fan of Brian Henry's photographs for some time.

Oddly enough, I'm also a fan of Brian Henry's poetry.

But I don't think "they" are the same person.

But they might be.

2010 Mixed media

2010 Mixed media by yoshiko fukushima
2010 Mixed media, a photo by yoshiko fukushima on Flickr.

A photograph of the painter/sculptor's work.


unt. by Pether-M
unt., a photo by Pether-M on Flickr.

The formidable Pether-M continues on his journey of crafting new archetypes.

Minotaur. Terrorist. God.

Who can tell the difference anymore?

Nostoc commune Abstraction...


Or not?

Hiding In Plain Sight...

Hiding In Plain Sight... by Sea Moon
Hiding In Plain Sight..., a photo by Sea Moon on Flickr.



Oh...and texture.

rue Saint Eleuthere

rue Saint Eleuthere by Leo & Pipo
rue Saint Eleuthere, a photo by Leo & Pipo on Flickr.

The ever charming Leo & Pipo strike again. This is part of a series which you should check out by visiting the Flickr account.

Just click.

Target.Winchester Cathedral 2011.

I'm already a fan of Russell Moreton's auto-ekphrastic photographs.

So no surprise I wanted to add this.

hommes en boites

hommes en boites by carole félix
hommes en boites, a photo by carole félix on Flickr.

I couldn't resist this one by Carole Felix either.

Men in boxes (or nightclubs?)

Probably she wants both senses/translations of the word.


éprouvettes by carole félix
éprouvettes, a photo by carole félix on Flickr.

Why stop at a diptych?

Day 434 / I'm Broke

I love this ongoing project by this masterful photographer.

One photo a day. Every day.

I'm not sure if it's about recovery but that's how I read it. And relate strongly to it.


IMG_1530 by gliss.gliss
IMG_1530, a photo by gliss.gliss on Flickr.

Gliss Gliss.

Perfectly timed for Samhain.


. by Sad Ferret
., a photo by Sad Ferret on Flickr.


Is often photogenic.


self-distorted. by Kathleen Mercado
self-distorted., a photo by Kathleen Mercado on Flickr.

I've been following this photographer's evolution with great pleasure and more than a little fascination.


.\./...... by +++ponyrock+++
.\./......, a photo by +++ponyrock+++ on Flickr.

Ponyrock strikes again.

Bokeh heaven.



All up in your grill.

Aucun papillon ne nuit

No words.

Just enjoy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stay Ahead of the Game, ca. 1975


Someone took this fabulous photo of a Joe Brainard painting.

It seemed a great antidote for the omnipresent Mayan calendar.


On 9/11.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

我不知道行進中的汽車 可以讓光有那麼多表情

One by Forest Lin.

He does some of the best architectural photos I've found on Flickr.

He specializes in the irreal construction.

Not surreal. Not real. Somewhere in between.

I like the way imaginary animals get in every nook and cranny of the planet.

Lin resides in Taiwan, I believe.




Spring is on the way!

So Botticelli "Primavera!"

Even in the Ukraine.

Love this!


The stunning model is Noven's partner, Tania Schlegova.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011




Peekasso is a guerilla image-maker.

His "photography" is pretty much total appropriation and collage, often with some drawing and text thrown in. He loves editorializing and recontextualizing. Sometimes it feels as though he's molesting the images. He tends to squeeze images out as though they were grapefruits, to try to find out what their sugary blood really tastes like.

Which makes for great visuals.

He's part Banksy, part LOLcats, part Legomaniac.

There are definitely no sacred cows in his worldview.

Okay, maybe groundedness is his sacred cow.

Because by deflating vapid cultural icons, a certain sanity returns.

I had to look at every single image in his Photostream.

If you do visit, be sure to look for the "Neo" series of icons, which homogenizes classic cultural memes into icons like one sees on road signs. And in that series paintings are held in no higher esteem than very memorable record album covers.

I should add he's very funny.

In case you haven't guessed that just from the above.

3 by A. Gable

I believe the young photograph resides near Witchita, Kansas.

He has some photos and photocollages dealing (very well) with agoraphobia.

Some of the photos share their titles with Bjork songs.

So there's that also to the good.


Invisible (self portrait)

An Echo, A Stain

An Echo, A Stain"

Never Like That

Never Like That

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"i'll stop the world and melt with you"

i'll stop the world and melt with you

This Polish artist's nom de Flickr is the amusing "mum, i am gay!"

I believe the artist's name is Anna Kieblesz.

Of the photo, she writes...

This photo was taken on September 15, 2010 in Blizne Łaszczyńskiego, Stare Babice, Masovian, PL, using an AgfaPhoto GmbH d-lab.2/3.

Eden and alcohol often conspire.

I'm wondering if that's what we're looking at here.

"Your english is good"

Your english is good

Emilía Rún is an Icelandic artist in Reykjavik.


There is a link to the band Ana & the Randefelts below this photo, their MySpace page where you can hear a song by them: S'nice.

The artist maintains a blog here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me
Originally uploaded by Bieco Blù

Marfisa is a character in the Italian romantic epics Orlando innamorato by Matteo Maria Boiardo and Orlando furioso by Ludovico Ariosto. She is the sister of Ruggiero but was separated from him in early childhood. She becomes queen of India and fights as a warrior for the Saracens, taking part in the siege of the fortress Albracca until her sword is stolen by Brunello. She falls in love with Ruggiero, unaware who he is until Atlante reveals their background. Learning that her parents were Christian, she converts to the faith and joins the Emperor Charlemagne's army against the Saracens. (Wiki)

Marfisa is also "Bieco Blù's" design site.

The artist resides in Ferrara, Italy.

I had just talked about Hans Bellmer in the last post and found this by chance immediately afterwards!

Schismatic erotic.

The artist's Photostream is a panopy of Eros.

A metope of the polymorphously perverse.

And very beautiful.

Bernard Gillet

Variation ombres et lumières # 27

Variation ombres et lumières # 27
iPhone V1, ShakeIt, Mill Colour, ShakeItPhoto

This work (from a series) by Bernard Gillet brings to mind works by Weston and O'Keefe foregrounding the human body as abstract art, the body as abstraction.

And yet the sensibility here is different.

There's more of a play with gestalt, which is more seductive.

Because here parts of the body seem to be wanting to "stand in" or substitute for other parts of the body, or possibly one gender for another.

In that sense, the voluptuous play moves the work closer to the sensibility of an artist like Bellmer.

Because there's more of a polymorphously perverse bent here, as in Bellmer.

With Weston and O'Keefe, the erotic felt less humanly engaged, if still present.

With Weston and O'Keefe, it was more as if we were watching the erotic undergo sublimation, possibly evaporation.

So these are two different alchemies of the image.

But I find both engaging.

The artist resides in Liège, Belgium.

the impossible 2011

the impossible 2011
Originally uploaded by pahness

Jill Auville greets the New Year with one of our (alas!) perennial visitants: Mr. Death.

Of course, you will want to click on this image and visit Ms. Auville's Photostream so you can see a larger version of this image, and her other fine works!

There seems to be quite a vogue for creating photographs which hanker after the Victorian photographers, and I'm perfectly fine with this, since I love such gorgeous anachronisms.

I love the funny irony that our most up-to-date twenty-first century technology is often being used to alter photographs so they appear to have been taken in the 19th century and taken their sweet time (aging poorly the whole while) getting to us.

Auville writes: Front cover image to my 2011 calendar for sale at deviantArt featuring 14 Polaroid images on PX and PZ film from the Impossible Project: Auville's Calendar.

Polaroid SX-70, Impossible PX100 Silver Shade.

So 2011 is opened by Death. I love it.

I found this photo at Andrew Conroy's very engaging site Finding Lost Time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Anders Uddeskog

Light as a feather

The photographer writes:

I'm a musician who likes art and design.
I shoot things that I stumble upon in my everyday life.
All the images are shot and edited with an iPhone 3GS.

Uddeskog was born in Malmo, Sweden, but currenly resides in Finland.

I loved his Photostream.

Lately, he's working his Iphone photographs of urban spaces (often the subway) so that the human subjects are highlighted and in focus--but their surroundings are chaotic, distorted, objects moving towards ephemerality and disappearance in their quick motion or their retreat into shadow.

Some of these photographs seem to be after the anomie of painters like George Tooker.

Like Tooker's works along those lines, they seem to stress the anomalous nature of human consciousness in a universe in which energy is generally much more volatile and dispersed.

And yet there is room for tenderness in some of these photos, as in the above, where a child transcends the ghostliness of matter. It seems to assert the reality of the soul (that archaic concept).

Phone photography (and especially Iphone photography) is coming on strong as a genre of interest to many photographers.

I feel a draw to artwork invested in ephemerality, in general, and this genre seems to pay particular heed to that.

Of course, a photograph like the above is also modern technology appropriating techniques from the Paper Age.

Because this is a 21st century collage. A revisioning of collage.

Brick red

Any purists who have only negative things to say about processing should look at photographs like this.

Absolutely stunning.

I love the way these effects can make reality look so toylike.

Photographers like Kertesz could achieve those effects through other means (pre-processing) but what should it matter how the effects are achieved if they get the viewer to the place he or she wants to arrive.

Because a photograph like this gets me there.

Boots for Elana

Boots request granted. For Elana who is stuck in a blizzard. (and helped me with my question)

Taken and edited with an iPhone 4

Uploaded by Nicki Fitz-Gerald (FlickrFitzy) on 27 Dec 10, 6.37AM EST.

I love photographs that one can't at first believe are photographs.

Or were?

This seems to have traveled far from its origin as a photograph.

It's hard to imagine an Apple iphone 4 being able to create such gorgeous artistic effects--this looks like encaustic!

But it can.

Visit the photographer's Photostream to see the myriad effects that can be achieved by combining the range of apps for photo manipulation available.

I saw some photos that made me think, "Somewhere the French Impressionists (and Whistler) are eating their hearts out over the Apple iphone!"