Monday, January 10, 2011

Anders Uddeskog

Light as a feather

The photographer writes:

I'm a musician who likes art and design.
I shoot things that I stumble upon in my everyday life.
All the images are shot and edited with an iPhone 3GS.

Uddeskog was born in Malmo, Sweden, but currenly resides in Finland.

I loved his Photostream.

Lately, he's working his Iphone photographs of urban spaces (often the subway) so that the human subjects are highlighted and in focus--but their surroundings are chaotic, distorted, objects moving towards ephemerality and disappearance in their quick motion or their retreat into shadow.

Some of these photographs seem to be after the anomie of painters like George Tooker.

Like Tooker's works along those lines, they seem to stress the anomalous nature of human consciousness in a universe in which energy is generally much more volatile and dispersed.

And yet there is room for tenderness in some of these photos, as in the above, where a child transcends the ghostliness of matter. It seems to assert the reality of the soul (that archaic concept).

Phone photography (and especially Iphone photography) is coming on strong as a genre of interest to many photographers.

I feel a draw to artwork invested in ephemerality, in general, and this genre seems to pay particular heed to that.

Of course, a photograph like the above is also modern technology appropriating techniques from the Paper Age.

Because this is a 21st century collage. A revisioning of collage.

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