Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bernard Gillet

Variation ombres et lumières # 27

Variation ombres et lumières # 27
iPhone V1, ShakeIt, Mill Colour, ShakeItPhoto

This work (from a series) by Bernard Gillet brings to mind works by Weston and O'Keefe foregrounding the human body as abstract art, the body as abstraction.

And yet the sensibility here is different.

There's more of a play with gestalt, which is more seductive.

Because here parts of the body seem to be wanting to "stand in" or substitute for other parts of the body, or possibly one gender for another.

In that sense, the voluptuous play moves the work closer to the sensibility of an artist like Bellmer.

Because there's more of a polymorphously perverse bent here, as in Bellmer.

With Weston and O'Keefe, the erotic felt less humanly engaged, if still present.

With Weston and O'Keefe, it was more as if we were watching the erotic undergo sublimation, possibly evaporation.

So these are two different alchemies of the image.

But I find both engaging.

The artist resides in Liège, Belgium.

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