Monday, January 10, 2011

Boots for Elana

Boots request granted. For Elana who is stuck in a blizzard. (and helped me with my question)

Taken and edited with an iPhone 4

Uploaded by Nicki Fitz-Gerald (FlickrFitzy) on 27 Dec 10, 6.37AM EST.

I love photographs that one can't at first believe are photographs.

Or were?

This seems to have traveled far from its origin as a photograph.

It's hard to imagine an Apple iphone 4 being able to create such gorgeous artistic effects--this looks like encaustic!

But it can.

Visit the photographer's Photostream to see the myriad effects that can be achieved by combining the range of apps for photo manipulation available.

I saw some photos that made me think, "Somewhere the French Impressionists (and Whistler) are eating their hearts out over the Apple iphone!"

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