Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the impossible 2011

the impossible 2011
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Jill Auville greets the New Year with one of our (alas!) perennial visitants: Mr. Death.

Of course, you will want to click on this image and visit Ms. Auville's Photostream so you can see a larger version of this image, and her other fine works!

There seems to be quite a vogue for creating photographs which hanker after the Victorian photographers, and I'm perfectly fine with this, since I love such gorgeous anachronisms.

I love the funny irony that our most up-to-date twenty-first century technology is often being used to alter photographs so they appear to have been taken in the 19th century and taken their sweet time (aging poorly the whole while) getting to us.

Auville writes: Front cover image to my 2011 calendar for sale at deviantArt featuring 14 Polaroid images on PX and PZ film from the Impossible Project: Auville's Calendar.

Polaroid SX-70, Impossible PX100 Silver Shade.

So 2011 is opened by Death. I love it.

I found this photo at Andrew Conroy's very engaging site Finding Lost Time.

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