Saturday, January 1, 2011

Russell Moreton

Spatial Collage,untitled 2010

Spatial Collage (untitled, 2010).

How not to think of Joseph Cornell when admiring the beauty of this.

The ineffable hope implicit in human mapping.

Which is, in some measure, always doomed.

The map is not the reality (as Borges will remind us).

But it is rich in possibility and pathos, at once.

Map-territory philosophical problems seem to be some of the seminal problems of our age.

Drawing on snow

I want the white areas on the map to be snow.

But I don't think they are.

The artist's Flickr bio:

Visual Fine Artist,interested in "Site" using Spatial Practices which can incorporate Architecture, Fine Art and Performance.Earlier training in Ceramics and Stained Glass together with extensive experience in the Construction Industry are now being utilised in my Contemporary Practice.

Ceramics HSND Epsom, England.
Visual Fine Art BA Winchester,England.
Spatial Practices MA Canterbury, England.

"All religions, nearly all philosophies,and even a part of science testify to the unwearying heroic effort of mankind desperately denying its contingency."

Jacques Monod,
The Human/Straw Dogs, John Gray.

I was pleased to see Monod quoted here.

I remember some wonderful translations of Monod poems in Lee Chapman's poetry mag First Intensity a few years back.

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