Monday, February 27, 2012


Untitled by theonlymagicleftisart
Untitled, a photo by theonlymagicleftisart on Flickr.

I love the way this one by Brandon Long recalls those photographs of ectoplasm from seances and other "manifestations" of otherworldly beings in the latter 19th century. Just stellar.

At first I thought it was a baby materialized, floating at the treetop.

Which idea I also love.

Palace of the Babies

The disbeliever walked the moonlit place,
Outside of gates of hammered serafin,
Observing the moon-blotches on the walls.

The yellow rocked across the still facades,
Or else sat spinning on the pinnacles,
While he imagined humming sounds and sleep.

The walker in the moonlight walked alone,
And each blank window of the building balked
His loneliness and what was in his mind:

If in a shimmering room the babies came,
Drawn close by dreams of fledgling wing,
It was because night nursed them in its fold.

Night nursed not him in whose dark mind
The clambering wings of birds of black revolved,
Making harsh torment of the solitude.

The walker in the moonlight walked alone,
And in his heart his disbelief lay cold.
His broad-brimmed hat came close upon his eyes.

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